Short-Term course on "Recommender System" 

November 13 - 17, 2017    
Organized by E-Business Centre of Excellence    
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, IIT Kharagpur    

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Dr. M Jenamani, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, My broad area of Interest is E-Business. The specific focus areas include web data analytics and supply chain optimization in the context ICT applications. My interest in web data analytics started with my doctoral work where I modeled user behavior in a website and used it for personalization. During post-doctoral research at I worked in the area of online auctions. After joining in the department of Industrial and systems engineering at IIT, Kharagpur, I aligned my research with that of the department by contributing in the area of supply chain management along with my other interest areas. In summary, my past contributions include developing theories, corresponding implementation and experimental validating wherever possible in the area of 1) Models on human behavior in ecommerce site, 2) Decision support in auction and e-procurement, 3) Decision support in supply chain. Currently, I run a number of projects in the areas such as e-business in general, auction, ICT in supply chain and urban sustainability with a focus on e-governance. The prominent and most recent of them is E-Business Center of Excellence, sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development. Scholars in these projects are working on the topics such as website navigation redesign, evaluating the e-governance site quality, citizen opinion mining, optimal RFID equipment positioning, Multi-attribute reverse auction design, studies on RFID adoption and urban sustainability. My future work includes developing models for web data analysis. Design of recommender System, Web Log Analysis, User Generated Content analysis and Social Network Analysis are the four major pillars in this area. Another area that interests me is about developing models for data streams such as RFID data and sensor data. Both this data sources have become extremely important in tracking and tracing of the supply chain. This is link of my IITKGP Profile.